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Andrew E.F. Fultz

Charles R. and Dorothy S. Carter Fellow in business Administration


Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship




I study entrepreneurship and resourceful behaviors in the context of small, resource-constrained, stigmatized, and otherwise disadvantaged organizations. I am interested in understanding how and why these organizations emerge, achieve sustainable operations, and increase their effectiveness and impact. I have a particular interest in various forms of prosocial organizing. To this end, my dissertation explored mutual influence between small prosocial ventures and broader social movements in order to jointly contextualize processes of entrepreneurship and social activism. Several related projects explore in greater depth processes of prosocial venture emergence. Extending my interest in resourcefulness, I am also conducting (with Keith Hmieleski) two studies that link bricolage and improvisation to the growth of organizational capabilities and performance in young ventures.







Journal Publications 

Fultz, A. E. F., & Hmieleski, K. M. (equal authorship, 2021). "The Art of Discovering and Exploiting Unexpected Opportunities: The Roles of Organizational Improvisation and Serendipity in New Venture Performance." Journal of Business Venturing, Forthcoming.

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Book Chapter

Baker, T., Powell, E. E., & Fultz, A. E. F. (2017). Whatddya’ Know? Qualitative Methods in Entrepreneurship. In R. Mir & S. Jain (Eds.), Routledge Companion to Qualitative Research in Organization Studies. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge.

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Papers in Development

Fultz, A. E. F., Powell, E. E., & Baker, T. "Activists of Administrators? How Social Movements Influence Entrepreneurs' Enactment of Social Issues". Data collection/analysis stage.

Fultz, A. E. F., Hmieleski, K. M., & Baker, T. “The Day of Small Beginnings: Entrepreneurial Bricolage as a Source of Dynamic Capabilities in Young Firms.” Data collection stage (survey).


Fultz, A. E. F., Powell, E. E., & Baker, T. “Enacting pandemic: Exploring how entrepreneurs contextualize and respond to a sudden existential threat.” Data collection stage.

Fultz, A. E. F., & Kim, J. W. “Vital Organizations: A Hazard Model of Prosocial Venture Emergence.” Data collection stage.

Fultz, A. E. F. “All Roads Lead to Rome: Equifinality in Individual Paths to Prosocial Venturing and Activism.” Data collection stage.

Fultz, A E. F. “Why are There So Many Kinds of (Prosocial) Organizations? Causes and Consequences of Variation in the Structure of Prosocial Ventures.” Data collection stage.

Fultz, A. E. F. “Walking on (Choppy) Water: Portfolio Entrepreneurship, Multiple Field Spanning, and Venture Survival in the Face of Stigma.” Design stage.


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